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MetroBox Service Terms and Conditions


That Nationwide Express Courier Services Berhad (133096M) (hereinafter referred to as Nationwide Express) which shall include its subsidiaries.

That Nationwide Express hereby rents/sells to customer products as may be provided on any service invoices/delivery order subject to the Terms and Conditions hereof.

"Customer" shall mean the person or organization who take possession of the products and any other person or organization to whom charges are to be billed, all of whom will be jointly and severally liable hereunder.

"Product" shall be secured delivery box of various sizes, design and capacity, for rent or purchase purposes.

"Service period" shall be from the time and date of delivery of the product to customer until the products are returned or surrendered to Nationwide Express or collected by Nationwide Express.

  1. Limitation on damages and warranties: Customers acknowledges and agrees that neither Nationwide Express nor any officer, director, employee, agent, or representative of Nationwide Express or its subsidiaries have made any representations or warranties, neither in oral nor in writing, with respect to the products. Nationwide Express expressly disclaims any and all warranties, express and implied, pertaining to the products including, but not limited, all warranties or merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose.
  2. Reports and notifications: In the event of any accident, damages, loss or theft of products, customer agrees to immediately notify Nationwide Express, interested parties and the authorities of all information relating thereto.
  3. Customer liability: Customer is solely responsible for all loss or damage to, legal implications of its content, or caused by, the products, while the products are on rent or in customer’s care, custody, or control, whether or not due to the fault of customer. Customer agrees to pay the rates set forth for the items being rented/purchased and further agrees to return all Service items in the same condition that they were received, reasonable wear and tear accepted, within the agreed service period from the date of receipt.
  4. Product replacement cost: Service products are either nor returned or damaged beyond the reasonable wear and tear exclusion will result in the customer being charged full cost price of respective product.
  5. The liability of NATIONWIDE EXPRESS shall be limited to the payment by way of damages of a sum not exceeding Ringgit Malaysia Five Hundred (RM500.00) only or its equivalent per consignment of the value of consigned documents and/or goods, whichever is the lesser.
  6. No liability of Nationwide Express: In no event should Nationwide Express shall be liable for damages as a result of supplying the products , customers misuse of the products or furnishing of any service hereunder. Customer hereby assumes all risk of and liability for, and agrees to indemnify, defend, save and hold Nationwide Express, its subsidiaries, its officers, directors, employees, agent and representatives harmless for, from and against: all claims and liens, all loss of or damages to the products, and all loss damage, claims, penalties, liabilities, loss of income, and expenses incurred or sustained by an indemnified party arising from or in any way related to products, the storage, use, maintenance or operations thereof by any person, or customers’ failure to comply with any its obligations under this terms and conditions.
  7. Product conditions: The receipt and acceptance by customer of products will constitute acknowledgment by customer that the products are in good, safe and usable condition.
  8. Insurance: For service purposes, customer has the option to purchase or not, insurance to cover the contents.
  9. Service process: Customer agrees to rent products and order type of products by calling contact no. 03-51633482 from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm on normal working days. Our drivers will deliver to you the products requested in five (5) hour window time. Customer agrees to place the items in the box and lock it and to call for pickup at the agreed time or as per pickup schedule allocated in the respective locations.
  10. Prices and rates: Customer agrees and accept the prices and rates of products as per table appended. Customer also agrees that prices and rates of products are subject to change without prior notice to customer.
  11. Order cancellation: Customers may cancel order/service by calling contact No. 03-5163 3482/3386 before 12.00 pm the same day for a full refund. If the cancellation is received after this time, there will be no refund.
  12. Re-route/ change of consignee’s address/delay delivery order: During the delivery process, if customer need to re-route the order, including the address corrections and house no, the road no, etc ,a handling charge of RM5-00 (Five Ringgit) will be added to total service charge. In a situation where customer request for delay delivery, customer shall agrees to pay for additional service period thereof and it should be communicated via email, memo, fax or letter modes only.
  13. Communication: In any required circumstance, communication shall be made in email, fax, memo or letter as reference purpose and proof of communication. Email address: metrobox@nationwide2u.com , Hotline no. 03-5163 3482/3386 and Fax no.03-50318893.
  14. Coverage area of services: Service service of the products valid within Peninsula Malaysia only.
  15. Prohibited goods and contents: To ensure the safety and security and comply with internal and international laws and regulations, all unlawful or illegal goods or contents, hazardous materials/dangerous goods under IATA including “other regulated materials” are strictly prohibited and unaccepted.
  16. Changes to terms and conditions: Nationwide Express may, at any time, and in its soles discretion, modify, add, change, minus these terms and conditions without prior notice to customers.
  17. Governing law: The Agreement shall be governed by and construed under laws of Malaysia.
  18. Taxes: Nationwide Express separately states on the Service Invoice/Delivery Order, government taxes whatsoever payable on or relating to products rented/sold hereunder and customer agrees to pay.
  19. Customer entity: If the customer is a corporation, limited liability or partnership or sole proprietor, the person (s) ordering the products on behalf of such entity warrants that he or she has full authority of such entity to obligate the entity.
  20. Product return: Customer agrees to return service products in usable, workable condition, reasonable wear and tear accepted. For products to accept as returned products , Nationwide Express must an endorse inspection form and deem the products are in favorable conditions to be re- rented.
  21. Customer acknowledgment: Customer acknowledges that he/she has read these terms and conditions and agrees that any services/purchases made by customer are subject to these terms and conditions, which may be amended at any time by Nationwide Express without prior notice.
  22. Billing: Specifically for credit customer, service are calculated on a monthly billing cycle and separately stated from courier fees, however, it will be charged accordingly and appeared in the same courier service invoices.
  23. Third party billing: Customer agrees that third party billing or reverse charges for service products are not allowed.
  24. Payment: Customer acknowledges and guarantees payment for all items rented/purchased within 30 days in cash or cheque. Customer agrees that Nationwide Express may pursue all avenues of collection in any suitable methods or ways of collection to recover all charges and all other unpaid amounts due to (a) customer not able to return the products rented timely, (b) damages to returned products, (c) other unpaid charges and reasonable legal fees resulting from customer’s default in payment.
  25. Acceptance: Customer acknowledges having read and understand all the above terms including attachment of service fee or price schedules, agrees to abide by these operational procedures, terms and conditions and is in full agreement to its enforcement for the efficient processing of his/her shipment.


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